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Witch Match Puzzle


Start an exciting jigsaw puzzle adventure with the mysterious little witch!





An exciting puzzle adventure with a little witch!


We invite you to a Halloween party with the little witch and friends.

Have a great time together.


Test your skills by clearing the missions given for each level!

We are waiting for your challenge.

How to play
Move various sweet Halloween candies and arrange 3 or more candies of the same color.


Features of the game
🔹 You can join a character with a full Halloween atmosphere.
🔹 There are over 500 exciting free stages.
🔹 There are no restrictions like hearts. Play to your heart's content.
🔹 Enjoy with new style graphics and simple controls.
🔹 Simple and easy to follow.
🔹 You can play the game offline without a data connection (internet).

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